Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple

Type | Indica Dominant
THC | 23%
CBD | 0.1%
Effects | Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric, Hungry
Aroma | Grape, Berry, Sweet

This iconic Granddaddy Purple strain, a.k.a. GDP, was birthed in a crossing between Purple Urkle and Big Bud – combining a sweet berry aroma and oversized compact bud structure. Bred originally by Ken Estes in 2003, GDP provides medical marijuana patients much needed pain relief while providing psychoactive effects in both mind and body combining euphoria and physical relaxation.

Granddaddy Purple is also most commonly used to treat stress, pain, insomnia, appetite loss and muscle spasms.  It’s always a great way to end your night with a deep relaxation and a much-needed good night sleep. You can always recognize the Granddaddy Purple strain from the distinct berry scent.


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