Stoners Answer the Question "How High Are You?"

Stoners Answer the Question “How High Are You?”

We searched for the most important answers, to the most sought out question… “How high are you….” and stoners like yourself replied! If you’ve ever been super, super high, we want to hear your story! But for now, here’s what happened when stoners answered the question, “How high are you?”

  •  Once when I got high I watched ‘Little Bear’ for 3 hours straight

  •  I got so stoned that I literally jumped off the couch and ran to my freezer thinking I locked my cat in it while grabbing ice cream
  •  I got so high, I sat in front of the refrigerator staring at it for two hours without opening it a single time
  •  I was so stoned that I ate $15 worth of Taco Bell in one sitting. If you are familiar with Taco Bell, you realize that it is an ungodly amount of food
  •  One time I got so baked I sat in my kitchen and cried for an hour because there was no Nutella

  • I once got stoned as fuck, and then caught myself following traffic laws playing Grand Theft Auto. No lie
  •  I was so high that I tried to eat my couch because I thought it was bacon
  •  Once, I was so high, I told my teacher my Taco Bell order instead of the answer to your question
  •  I was so high that I was looking for my phone for 20 minutes. I found it in the refrigerator
  •  Once I got so stoned that I mistook a guy at a concert for any alien and poured my water on him while shouting “Be Free Spirit”

  •  Once I was stoned and spent the whole time trying to trace the shadow of my hand doing the tracing
  • “Fuck this cricket is making some sick beats”
  •  I realized the internet was created by alien beings from a planet far, far away….