$400 an Ounce? Welcome to Legalized Marijuana in Las Vegas

July 1, 2017 marks day 1 for recreational marijuana in Las Vegas, Nevada. Long lines are expected at the 37 dispensaries opened in the city, as people gather to celebrate their right to purchase legal cannabis.

However, dispensaries in Las Vegas will have their cash only prices set a bit higher than most people are used to. If you plan on purchasing recreational cannabis in Las Vegas, expect to spend up to $400 for one ounce and $80 for 1/8 ounce.

The new law will allow you to carry up to 1 ounce of marijuana and an 1/8 ounce of concentrate, and that’s the same amount you will legally be able to buy. This will apply to both tourists and local residents.

Edibles are expected to be extremely popular with tourists because the laws still will not allow you to legally smoke cannabis in public or on any commercial property. Dispensaries are expecting to see a high number of sales in edibles as it is a more discreet way of consuming marijuana.

If you get caught consuming marijuana in public, expect to get a fine that will cost you $600. The only place you are currently allowed to smoke in Nevada is in a private residence. Las Vegas police say this extends to driveways and patios, but not to sidewalks or streets. Marijuana use is banned on the Las Vegas Strip and on all gaming properties in the state. You’re not allowed to smoke in your hotel room or anywhere else on any gaming resorts grounds.

With prices like this, many people say they will keep it “on the streets” when purchasing their cannabis. What about you? Would you pay $400 for one ounce while visiting Las Vegas? If you’re a tourist, with no connect, it kind of leaves you without a choice. Stay high!