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Three Cannabis Accessories That Will Blow Your Mind











The Holmes Pipe

The first accessory I wish wasn’t just a concept! This vaporizer is designed to resemble the type of pipe used by Sherlock Holmes. With its sleek lines, this is definitely an upgrade. If this vaporizer was ever actually available, you could control the temperature in the bowl as well as smoke cleaner with its hygienic intake system. Soon we will have vaporizers that turn heads but for today, use an apple instead of a pop can.



I honestly have no clue how to pronounce the name of this product but I DO NOT CARE! This is my next cannabis related purchase, for sure. Making the process of infusing oils and butter with cannabis can be a pain and I don’t want to take the time to do it but with LEVO, it will automate the process! Just set it and you are done. It will process everything, making sure you don’t end up with oil covered hands and cannabis everywhere.




Plenty of you have already stumbled across this, but I had to talk about it because of how simple it is. I hate grinding my cannabis and then having to fit it into my pill bottle (btw old pill bottles are awesome to store your weed and keeps air out). This grinder/dispenser is pretty ordinary looking, but it can store up to three grams of your favorite strain without the grinder attached and can fill a bowl with surprising accuracy. It makes grinding and filling easy, and we all know stoners like it easy.