5 Different Ways To Use Weed

Weed is the kind of herb that you should experiment with. And as many enthusiasts know, the experience is different every time you change the way you use weed.

There is no better or worse ways to use weed – it is always an enlightening experience. It just boils down to a matter of preference!

Smoke it up!

Smoking is the most famous and oldest way to use weed. Putting a bud into a blunt or joint is probably one of the most social ways to use too, when you think about it. There’s no better party than the one where a joint is being passed around!

Eat it!

For people who aren’t so fond of smoking, it’s nice to know this magical plant is edible. It’s hard to judge doses with edibles, which makes it really easy to get extremely high. Edibles these days come in all kinds of delicious forms, too, which makes it even harder not to overeat.

Vape it!

Vaping is kind of the new “techy” way to use marijuana. After converting buds into a very potent oil, it can be vaporized in a special electronic device. The fun thing about vaping is all the tricks you can learn to do when you’re high!

Drink it!

Aside from there being all kinds of sugary drinks that are cannabis infused these days, you can make your own drinkable cannabis. It can be infused in alcohol (because THC is soluble in alcohol) or it can be used to make tincture.

Make oil!

For those that like to take life with an artisan approach, using buds to make oil is fun! Once cannabinoids are infused in coconut oil, it can be used as a topical treatment, as cosmetics or even used in cooking. Skin and hair love cannabis!