Cooking With Marijuana

The popularity of infusing cannabis with food is growing at an extremely rapid rate.

Many cannabis users are not impressed with the products being produced on a mass scale. This has led to an increasingly number of people trying to make their own edibles. The trend mostly began because of poorly managed testing, and greedy companies. States such as Colorado have regulations on the maximum amount of THC per serving, yet have regularly allowed companies to produce a product with significantly smaller levels than advertised. Because of this, many consumers have been left dissatisfied with these products.


The easiest, and most efficient way home cooks are infusing their food, is through marijuana butter (also known as cannabutter). Vegetable oil can also be an excellent alternative. The popularity of oil based cooking comes from its properties which allow for the capitate glands (marijuana buds) to dissolve easily. This then releases the wonderful agent of THC directly into the butter/oil.


The standard recipe for the at home chef, is usually around one ounce of marijuana to one pound of butter. This standard measurement should only be used as a starting point. Many factors such as height, weight, and the strain of cannabis being used can affect individuals differently. Home cooks are encouraged to eat a small sample of their creation to determine if the measurements fit their preferred desire, and then make adjustments as needed.


Cooking with cannabis at home can be a fun and exciting alternative, rather than the convenience of a mass produced product. The possibilities of edibles that a home cook can make are endless. New and exciting recipes are being created every day; from the home, to chefs in restaurants all around the world. This fast growing trend is bound to change how consumers will eat edibles for decades to come.