What Are Moon Rocks and How Do You Make Them?

Ooo Moon Rocks! Sounds like some candy you eat as a kid, like pop rocks or moon pies. But Moon Rocks are more like a Molotov cocktail than a s’more. This is your guide to these explosive nuggets and how you can make them yourself.

Moon Rocks pull together the big three forms of smokable pot: bud, hash oil and kief. They are literally nugs dipped in oil, coated in kief. The result is a high test marijuana bomb with THC contents that reach upward of 50%. That’s twice as much as regular bud!

You can buy them at some dispensaries. However some bud sellers might be burying subpar bud under the layers. So if you buy them pre-made, make sure you trust the people you’re getting it from. You don’t want to get ripped off.

Fortunately, once you get all the ingredients you can easily make them yourself. This is good because you can choose the strains and flavors you want. Say you’ve got a tasty bud and potent oil. Or if you want an extra heady high mixed with some CBD. All is possible in the magical world of Moon Rocks.

Should I be scared?

Moon Rocks are not for the faint of heart. Get ready for a celestial experience. Don’t think you’re about to do anything else after smoking Moon Rocks. They will get you really, really high. Almost too high. I mean, even Snoop Dogg says Moon Rocks are intense.

If you’re a newbie to pot in general or a lightweight, take it easy. Try a puff and see what happens. Once you’re gone, you’re not coming back for a while.

It can, however, be refreshing for people who smoke a lot. Once pot’s in your system on a high level, you build up a tolerance. Moon Rocks are a way to get high, even when you’re always high.

How to make them and have a good time

Now we’re going to set you up with a how to make Moon Rocks yourself. It’s super easy and won’t take a long time. We’re also going to talk about how to get you ready for an out of the stratosphere high.

Things you need:

  • A solid nug of weed
  • Hash oil
  • Kief and a bowl to put it in
  • Tongs, tweezers or a skewer
  • A razor, knife or scissors to break it up after

1. Get your stuff together

Once things get sticky you don’t want to be foraging around for anything. Get your creation station set up. Make sure you’ve got your kief ready to roll in a bowl, get the oil ready and get the nug situated with a spot to dry after. If you’ve ever made breaded chicken before, it’s going to be a lot like that.

2. Spread your oil

The Hash oil is going to be the glue that holds on the kief. Use some tweezers or tongs or even a skewer to hold the nug. You can use a pastry brush, a spreading knife or a dabber to saturate the bud with oil. You may have to warm up the oil so that it’s easier to work with. Don’t heat it up too much and burn off the THC. Apply the oil in layers. Put on a coat and wait for it to soak in. Then put on another coat.

3. Coat it with Kief

Now you’re going to take that sticky ball of fire and coat it with kief. Have the kief ready in a bowl. Dip or roll the nug in the kief. It should stick readily to the hash oil. Make sure you get a good coat on there. Tap it and get the excess off and keep dipping until it won’t hold anymore.

4. Let it dry

This should only take a few minutes or so. Once dry, your Moon Rocks are ready to go. They’ll look like little balls of kief. Or little brown or green rocks

5. Set yourself up for a solid stone

Moon Rocks are potent AF. You’re going to want to think a little bit ahead on this one. Make sure you’re not going to be doing anything for the rest of the day. Remove as many negative interruptions as you can anticipate. Take care of all your life chores and clear some time, because once you toke on this stuff, you might not be able to handle anything else coming your way.

Find a place to chill and relax. Have some water ready and something to munch on. You’re not going to want to do any cooking once you’re baked. Also, have some food in your stomach already.

6. Light up

The best way to smoke Moon Rocks is through a glass pipe or a bong. It’s a pretty sticky scenario so be ready for all that oil to get in your pipe. It may even be enough to clog your pipe. These are some moist specimens. Just tearing into one can look like ripping apart a fresh chocolate chip cookie with all the molten chocolate oozing out.

If you break them up, do not use a grinder. That would just make a mess. It’s so moist from the oil, it would get everywhere. Plus you’d lose a lot of the kief, which kind of defeats the purpose.

When you break it up, use a razor blade or a sharp knife or shears. Try to preserve as much kief as possible.

It is not recommended that you roll a joint or a blunt. It’s really moist and sticky, so it can constrict air pathways, and it may be tough to hit. If you must roll it, break it up and mix it with some regular bud. This can do the trick.

So now you’ve got all the tools to make your own Moon Rocks. Just be ready to take that hit, because once you get to the moon, you’re not coming back to earth for a while.