Rubbing Alcohol and Salt Will Make Your Glass Pipes Look Like New

Grab that rubbing alcohol and salt because we’re about to go full science on our pieces. There’s nothing better than hitting fresh greens out of a clean pipe. You are able to fully enjoy the natural taste of cannabis without the resin interfering.

Here is the best way to clean your glass pipes. All you’ll need is some rubbing alcohol and salt to create the finest looking pipe in all the lands.


Remove any loose residue from your pipe. Run some water through your pipe, wipe the bowl down with a paper towel, or even run a pipe cleaner through the holes a few times.


Grab a sealable bag and fill it with at least 90% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. The alcohol chemically breaks down the tar and resin in your pipe which allows for an easier time removing the gunk.


Pull out the salt and mix 1 tablespoon in with the rubbing alcohol. The salt is going to act as an abrasive tool that can reach all parts of your pipe. The bigger the grains of salt, the better!


Place your pipe in your mixture and shake the bag vigorously for 2 minutes. The rubbing alcohol in the bag will become visibly darker from the excess resin in your pipe.


This step is only necessary if you haven’t bothered to clean your pipe in 20 years and no amount of rubbing alcohol can clean it.

Grab a bowl and put fresh rubbing alcohol inside. Let the pipe sit for several hours and repeat steps 1-4.

The, rinse your pipe out with hot water. You can then spot clean any access resin with a pipe cleaner, cotton swabs, or a paper towel.

At the very end of all of this – your pipe should be looking so fresh. Get ready for your pipe to be the crown jewel of any smoke sesh.