It’s Time To Put Those WEED STEMS To Good Use

Start saving your weed stems and create some beautiful THC concoctions.

Little did you know, but even your weed stems contain THC. But what do you do with them? No, do not eat them. That will do nothing. Here are a few things that you can do with them:



Yes, good ol’ cannabutter. Your weed stems can be used to create butter. That means that any recipe that uses butter will be the perfect recipe to get you high

Here is a guide on how to make cannabutter



Infusing different items with liquor has been a popular trend for awhile. Whether it was fruit or even gummy bears – you can soak them in vodka to have a tasty treat. Now grab those weed stems, throw them in some vodka and let it sit overnight. Now you have some tasty THC vodka. Bottoms up!

Stem Hash Oil


Grind your weed stems down into a find powder. Add the powder to a glass jar with 99% isopropyl alcohol and shake vigorously for two minutes. Strain immediately and transfer the liquid to a wide-bottomed glass dish. Set the dish to the side and let all of the alcohol evaporate. Viola!



Grab a handful of those stems and let it sit in some hot water along with your other favorite floral greens. Now you’re living fancy.