An 80 percent Indica dominant strain, Blue Cheese is extremely potent. It has good THC levels as well.

Just like its name, Blue Cheese offers the strong flavor of blue cheese. This is what makes it different from other cheese strains. This strain has a very pleasant aroma that is a mix of sweet blueberries and blue cheese.

This very first Cheese strain was created in the United Kingdom when it was bred with blueberry male.

This strain provides a high that is quite uplifting and an overall joyful experience. The Indica can be felt undoubtedly in the body. Some people say it is disgustingly stinky, yet when you take a whiff, it widens your eyes and you just fall in love with it. Blue Cheese very easy to obtain in West Coast and Colorado.

Smoking this strain won’t really make you sleepy, but it will however give you a strong sense of bliss and euphoria! It’s just that amazing.

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