Beat the Winter Blues with Cannabis

Has the winter chill given you the blues? If so you may be experiencing seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Every year around 5% of Americans experience symptoms related to this condition which is described as a subtype of bipolar disorder or depression.


Some of the symptoms of SAD include oversleeping or insomnia, anxiety, lack of interest in usual activities, and a general sense of hopelessness. Studies have linked these symptoms to a reduced level of melatonin and serotonin, which are caused by a lack of sunlight.

While it’s normal for people to feel sad once in a while, feelings like this that can last for weeks or months are a real problem that can affect your work and social life. The next time this happens to you, taking a smoke break might be the best bet to help get rid of the winter blues. Here are a few ways cannabis can help you deal with the seasonal affective disorder.

Pick a High CBD Strain

Strains with high CBD amounts are a great choice for combating SAD. Their anti-anxiety and pain reducing effects help stop the negative effects of the disorder, especially insomnia. Additionally, for people worried about packing on the winter pounds, CBD doesn’t give you the munchies.


Cut Out the Alcohol

While it sometimes offers a temporary relief to its symptoms, in the long run alcohol can worsen the effects of SAD. Besides the well-known negative effects of alcohol abuse, booze can also contribute to insomnia and fatigue and has been linked to anxiety and depression, all of which are effects of the disorder. Next time you think a few drinks might help ease your problems, light up instead for the same relief without making your symptoms worse in the long run.

Light Up

While not everyone is lucky enough to have their own grow room if you do you’re in luck. The High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps used in growing cannabis are great for treating SAD because of the ways they mimic natural sunlight. While other types of grow lights are out there such as LED or CFL, they won’t work as well to combat SAD, because they lack the same intensity as HID lamps. Either way, it’s one more reason to enjoy your grow room this winter.