President Donald Trump Might Always Be High

Trevor Noah and The Daily Show celebrated 4/20 by doing an entire episode dedicated to cannabis and sharing his theory that President Donald Trump might always be high.


Trevor Noah started the segment praising news anchors around the world for acknowledging 4/20 before sharing his theory about President Donald Trump:

“Support for legalizing pot is at record levels. Partly because Americans are starting to realize that unnecessarily incarcerating people for marijuana does more harm than good. And also because it’s the only way to handle all of these hot dog crusted pizzas. Even though most people are moving in that direction, unfortunately there is one very powerful little man who disagrees.”

Trevor Noah is referring to Jeff Sessions who is calling on federal prosecutors to reevaluate marijuana enforcement. Jeff Sessions recently made this comment:

“I reject the idea that we’re going to be in a better place if we allow more marijuana”


On top of that, Trevor Noah shares his theory about Donald Trump:

“President Donald Trump is always high. Now did I come up with this theory while I was high? Maybe. But it still made sense after I stopped being high. Unlike my idea for reusable toilet paper.”

Watch the video above and let us know if you theory might have some backing.