This strain certainly has one of the coolest names. Alaskan Thunder Fuck is this strain’s original name, although it has other names as well. People may commonly know this strain by the names: ATF, Matanuska Tundra, or Matanuska Thunder Fuck.

This strain has a legendary status in the cannabis world. According to some, this strain was a Sativa crossed in North California with Russian Ruderalis. However, in the 70’s, they started crossing Alaskan Thunder Fuck with Afghani genetics to make it even better.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck has large buds that are beautiful with a frosty look. It offers a mix of lemon, pine, skunk, and menthol aroma.

The high of this strain can leave the smoker in a very heavy euphoria, yet making him/her relaxed as well. It has one of those “creeper” effects. This strain is pretty good for eliminating fatigue, pain, depression, and increases the appetite. However, it does have strong after effects too, that can make you dizzy and paranoid.

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