The Benefits of Raw Cannabis

Yes, we love to smoke our buds because they make us high! But if you’re looking to get some real medicinal benefits out of it, raw cannabis seems to be the way to go.

The parts of cannabis that heal things like inflammation are plentiful through the raw herb, but a lot of them can be lost through smoking or vaporizing.

Cannabis enthusiasts might be surprised to know that you lose a lot of the medicinal value when you smoke. The molecule THC-A in cannabis is converted into THC when heated. This can be done through smoking or cooking. This is essentially what gives you the high feeling!

This is not what stops the medicinal benefits. In fact, THC is a cannabinoid rich with medicinal properties. However, when THC-A is converted to THC, the body is not able to digest as high a dose. So what this means is that your body is in a much better position to absorb the medicinal benefits when you ingest raw cannabis.

The benefits you can give to your body by using raw cannabis are endless. It begins to act as a superfood, giving your body a chance to perform at the best possible level. Raw cannabis is something available to everybody. Because without activation of THC, it doesn’t make anybody stoned. That means it is appropriate for children and elderly people, too.

And it’s so easy to use! You can do everything from juicing your buds to sprinkling the leaves on a salad. Your body will thank you for it. This is an exciting addition to smoothies for health enthusiasts out there who don’t mind getting a little bit experimental with the herb!