THC – The Bliss Molecule

One of the components of cannabis that makes it so lovable for humans is its most famous cannabinoid, THC, the bliss molecule.

This cannabinoid is the reason that marijuana users feel stoned after they smoke, and there is a very special link between this cannabinoid and the human brain.

The human body has its own endocannabinoid system. One of the primary cannabinoids produced by the human body is called anandamide. It is named after the Sanskrit word for bliss, ananda. The relationship between THC and anandamide could be one of the most fundamental reasons that human beings love cannabis so much.


The chemical structure of anandamide – the bliss molecule

The chemical structure of anandamide is very similar to the chemical structure of THC. From this, scientists inferred that anandamide was responsible for the same kinds of effects as THC. This was confirmed by studies. It is rightly named the bliss molecule because it induces the sensation of euphoria within the human being.

Because of the similarities in chemical structure, THC and anandamide are said to behave in the human body in very much the same way. This is probably why it feels so natural for so many marijuana users to continue using cannabis.


A natural balance

The ingestion of THC from an external source is a great natural way to encourage balance in the human body. For the purpose of physical and emotional balance, marijuana is a perfect dietary addition. The relationship between these two cannabinoids, one inside and one outside, is a very mysterious example of this balance. It is arguably the reason that human beings have being using cannabis for so long and have loved it so very dearly!