Business is Booming for Cannabis in USA

The cannabis industry is expanding in recent years. Whether it’s getting the right credentials to stand apart from the crowd or finding inspiring entrepreneurial opportunities, there are many ways to cash in on the employment boom seen by the rising popularity of cannabis.


For instance, you can attend the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis at Natick, Massachusetts for a 12-course program that elaborates on cannabis-related topics like law, its medicinal properties and marketing. The certificate program has seen around 400 enrolled students since 2014. Universities like the University of Denver and Vanderbilt University have also started courses related to cannabis, capitalizing on the multibillion dollar industry potential.

From herbalists looking to expand cannabis treatments for patients to dispensary owners running multiple ventures, this industry is all set to grow exponentially in the coming years. GreenWave Advisors estimate that the industry hit 6.5 billion dollars this year and will pass 20 billion dollars by 2020.