Colorado Company Produces CBD Coffee

Strava Craft Coffee is a Denver based company that is now making CBD (cannabidiol) infused coffee.


The coffee has the same benefits for medical patients with seizures or pain as any other CBD oils or products and is also beneficial for people with less serious conditions such as anxiety or inflammation, but does not contain the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, THC. While this coffee isn’t for waking and baking, it provides a boost of energy and can help start off the day relaxed and energized.

They offer regular strength, espresso, and even decaf coffee, as well as coffees made from beans of Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Columbia, and several other countries. The company website states that they “strive to always source the highest quality beans in a responsible, sustainable manner.” So not only are they providing a product with medicinal benefits with a delicious taste, they’re also “committed to quality products and equitable treatment of farmers, laborers, and everyone in the supply chain.”

Strava Craft also offers coffee that is not infused with CBD and their coffee is sold online and in coffee shops all over Denver. They also donate a portion of their online proceeds to, an organization that provides clean water to people in need.