First Cannabis College Opens in Cleveland

As the cannabis industry grows, so does the interest to become a part of it.

Many people are asking how to get involved even if they know little about cannabis or how to get into the industry, and a program in Cleveland, Ohio is attempting to provide a solution to that problem.

Cleveland Cannabis College is the first cannabis educational program to pop up and is intended to teach future or current medical professionals about the history, benefits, and science of cannabis so they can bring their knowledge to their work in order to help patients. The program hopes to help cannabis become more mainstream in medicine, but is also open to all others interested in the industry, whether they just want to learn more about cannabis or plan to work in a dispensary or grow house.

The program offers classes on horticulture, the history of cannabis, topicals and edibles, and business classes. They even offer cannabis law classes intended for lawyers or paralegals to learn about the most current laws regarding cannabis and how to protect clients.

Their intro class, Introduction to Cannabis, is a 14 hour course that takes place over a weekend and introduces students to horticulture, history, law, activism, business, extracts, and patient access. Completion of the course comes with a certification that they boast will get students discounts at participating cannabis organizations and vendors.

While this program is not accredited and has not yet been proven to help students land jobs in the industry, it’s a stepping stone to larger and more mainstream education about cannabis.