5 Things You Need To Know About Parenting And Cannabis In A Legal State

  • While using Cannabis, there are some guidelines while in the presence or responsibility of children. Safe storage and consumption are two of the main concerns when parenting in a state that is Cannabis friendly.
  • Keep your child informed of Cannabis at an appropriate age level. It is imminent in this day and age that your child will hear about Cannabis at some point. Keeping them properly educated can separate real world view from things they hear on the street.
  • Using Cannabis during pregnancy has been a highly debated subject within the healthcare system since legalization. There is not enough research to back the benefits of using it and plenty of blurred lines on how social services may intervene if your infant is THC positive at birth.


1. It takes two to tango

In a two parent household, it is recommended that one parent remain un medicated while caring for small children. In the event a child needs medical attention, it is always best to have a sober adult present. While this isn’t the most convenient, it won’t leave you caught in a situation with your pants down.

2. Lock it up

The number of instances that children are ingesting THC accidentally and ending up in the emergency room has risen well over 100% in the past years, since legalization. This is an eye opener for parents with little ones who have curious, growing brains. It is absolutely imperative that you keep all products that contain Marijuana out of children’s reach. There are some budget friendly lockboxes available that can provide you with peace of mind.

3. Be conscientious of who you inform about your cannabis friendly household

Although from a legal standing, you have all the control when it comes to creating a cannabis and kid friendly environment. With that said, be cautious on who you inform of your cannabis use. Even in legal states your nosey neighbor can call DCFS if he or she suspects you being irresponsible with children in the home. While legally you have a leg to stand on in the event you get that dreaded knock on the door, it is also taken as a case by case situation and can land you in hot water and numerous tedious hoops to jump through if you don’t have your ducks in a row. It is best to keep your use private to avoid possibly being investigated and putting your family through that grueling process. Cannabis use and cultivation is often used as leverage in custody cases despite its legality.

4. Educate your children at your discretion 

While some parents may not want to educate their children about Cannabis and its uses, families with older or disabled children may choose to do so. It is not uncommon for families to also seek out Cannabis treatment for their own child’s ailments. Be prepared to answer your child’s questions if or when they arise at an age appropriate level. It is important in a Cannabis friendly household where children reside, that there are strong boundaries put in place when it comes to exposure and education regarding Cannabis.

5. Marijuana and Pregnancy 

This particular subject is highly controversial and also presents a number of questions on the safety and legality of the mother and the unborn child. With a growing number of babies being born THC positive at birth in marijuana friendly states, it has become standard to test newborn babies for drugs. Another issue expecting mothers are presented with at labor and delivery and prenatal visits is discrimination. Statistically, young African – American, and Hispanic mothers are tested more frequently than any other ethnicity at prenatal visits and delivery. If the mother is receiving state funded pregnancy health coverage, it is required that she and her infant be tested at birth. In the event a child or mother fails a drug screen, Social Services is legally required to intervene and an investigation will be prompted. Which brings me to the conclusion that lower income families are frequent targets for social service investigations, especially in states marijuana is legal.


With all that to keep in mind, Cannabis should be used safely, responsibly and at the discretion of the user.  The children should always remain the first priority, however, with the proper precautions put in place and safety measures, Cannabis can be safe.