High Weed Tolerance? Here Are 8 Hacks to Reset It.

  • Avoid smoking concentrates: It’s potency is unmatched when compared to flower, so you’ll continue to need these potent doses to reach the level that you want.
  • Limit yourself: You don’t need to smoke an entire quarter to yourself in a couple hours. You can only get so high. Limit and pace yourself so you don’t rapidly increase your tolerance.
  • Take a tolerance break: The last thing that anyone who smokes weed wants to hear, but taking two weeks off can be the reset switch that you need.

So you don’t want to stop smoking weed but you want to lower your tolerance. It’s just a matter of changing the way you handle weed. You can use smaller papers, use a one hitter, start mixing with herbs or stop dabbing.

If you’re feeling really up to the task, you can even take a tolerance break. After a couple of weeks, you’ll be as much a lightweight as you were when you first started smoking.

You know exactly what I’m talking about: when a bag of weed that used to last you a week is only lasting you a few days. That’s exactly what happens when your tolerance starts to shoot through the roof. When your weed tolerance gets too high, it can get downright expensive to be smoking. Plus, it just starts to feel like it’s not really doing the job anymore.

The problem is that if you keep increasing your dosage, your tolerance will just get higher and higher. So there are ways that you can hack your weed tolerance – that don’t always involve stopping smoking all together.

It is definitely a task in discipline to hack your weed tolerance, but it isn’t an impossible task. If you follow my advice, you can go back to being as sensitive to weed as you were when you first started smoking.

1. Stop dabbing!

Ah, remember the days when you had just started dabbing? One dab was enough to send you to heaven. You can go back to that place by taking some time away from concentrates. Go back to smoking pure flowers for a couple of weeks and watch your tolerance drop radically. The thing about extracts is that they are really powerful. When you get used to ingesting extracts, nothing else seems to do the trick.

If you just spend some time away from your dabbing rig and enjoy a joint instead, you’ll find that in a couple of weeks dabs will be giving you the sweats all over again. And in the end, buying herbal material is way cheaper than buying extracts!

2. Don’t use king size papers

Using a king size paper just encourages a bigger joint. You would be surprised how much weed you are smoking unnecessarily by using king sized papers.

You will probably still get stoned by using a single, regular sized paper. It means you’ll only use half the amount of weed (or extracts) and you’ll probably still feel a buzz. Save your king size papers for when you’re in a smoking circle, and keep your single sized joints for yourself.

3. Start mixing

Okay, I’m not going to encourage mixing with tobacco – which is one of the most addictive substances in the world. But I will encourage mixing with other smoking herbs, such as damiana, coltsfoot or lions tail. There’s many more herbal smoking mixes you can buy or even mix up on your own.

Mixing fills up the space in your joint, giving you more material to smoke without chewing through your bag. Some people just really enjoy the act of smoking, and that’s okay. But if you’re putting a gram of weed in each joint you can be raising your tolerance unnecessarily.

Try mixing and see if that doesn’t lower your tolerance really quickly.

4. Use a one hitter

A great way to decrease the amount of weed you’re smoking is to use a one hitter. It’s a pipe that usually only fits enough weed for a single hit.

Ride the feeling of having only a single hit at a time, instead of making every single smoke a full blown smoking session. One hitters literally just fit a pinch of weed, rather than the amount you can fit in a cone piece or in a joint.

5. Don’t smoke all day

Everybody knows what it feels like to hit that peak of the day where you literally can’t get any more high than you already are. To avoid that moment coming on at midday, take bigger breaks between your smokes. If you can, avoid the wake and bake.

You will get the highest from the first smoke of the day, so see how long you can drag that out for. You’ll be surprised how high you can stay all day if you don’t smoke every couple of hours.

Keep yourself busy between smokes with lots of things to do, and you’ll find that two or three smokes a day is enough to stay high. It also means that you’ll be able to keep getting high, rather than hitting that point where it doesn’t go any higher than that.

6. Pick a high CBD strain

Sometimes your tolerance is a matter of becoming too sensitive to THC rather than too sensitive to weed. Laying off the psychoactive compound can encourage you to get in touch with the other parts of weed that also have an extremely profound effect.

While CBD doesn’t necessarily make you high, it can induce the kinds of feelings that you love, such as relaxation and overall wellbeing. Next time you go to the dispensary, pick a strain that is high in CBD.

It might feel a little bit strange at first. But the next time that you go and pick up a high THC strain, you’ll be blown away by the power of ganja.

7. Don’t buy an ounce at a time

It’s like when you buy the huge bag of Doritos and eat it all in one go. It’s not like you wouldn’t be satisfied with a handful. But you’ve got a whole bag, so what the heck? It’s exactly the same with weed.

Just buy a quarter the next time you go shopping for weed. You’ll be much more careful with the amount you consume, and there won’t be such a feeling of abundance. You’ll be more conscious of how much you use because you won’t want to run out and have to go shopping again!

8. Take a tolerance break

I know. This is the piece of advice that nobody wants to hear. But let’s be honest: there’s no hack better than taking a tolerance break. It is also a great test of your discipline and will show you whether you really are addicted or not.

On the brightside, you can find a complete tolerance reset with around 30 days of not smoking weed. This is because the CB1 receptor that THC binds to no longer has the tolerance it once has after that amount of time. Thank your almighty endocannabinoid system for that one!

It shouldn’t be that hard to take time away from smoking weed. After all, we often go two weeks without our other favorite things, such as coffee or sex! Remember that you can easily live life without weed, and taking a tolerance break will show you how much you love it!

It will also take you back to the days where smoking a single joint would rattle your world completely. You only need a couple of weeks before your tolerance drops entirely and you can go back to being a lightweight!