This Genius Used A Piece Of Pasta To Upgrade His Joint

Stoner innovations are at an all-time high

With cannabis becoming widespread across the United States, you are also seeing a giant boost in cannabis creativity.

There are a lot of people creating pipes out of anything they can find. This ranges from somethings simple like a cucumber to something more complex, like a stereo.

Where are the joint innovations?

You may have trouble perfecting your joint if you are not an experienced joint-roller. You may try to pack too much herb, only to find out that it’s impossible to roll without making a huge mess. If you use too little herb, you’ll be smoking a skimpy joint that will position you as the laughing-stock amongst your stoner friends. If your mouthpiece is too loose, then you’ll find yourself sucking in some fresh herb.

So, we can definitely agree that there has been a lack of innovation, until the pasta joint:

You never actually know what the next viral internet hit is, but I believe this guy just nailed it. This twitter user, @dazedinheaven, shared with the world his younger brother’s genius pasta joint idea!

The majority of people use a piece of cardboard fitted to be their mouthpiece at the end of their joint. We call that a crutch.

Well, maybe all you have is some leftover rotini pasta from the night before in your pocket. Pull it out and enjoy yourself a pasta joint.

This rotini pasta method hypothetically makes for the perfect crutch! The spiral shape of the pasta forces the smoke to travel a longer distance, potentially cooling the temperature of the smoke, making your joint more enjoyable. Plus, you don’t have to worry about herb accidentally slipping through.

Many people on Twitter were very impressed:

pasta joint response pasta joint response 2 pasta joint response 3Now go out there and buy yourself some fresh rotini pasta and roll yourself that innovative joint!