How To Hide The Smell of Marijuana

Marijuana is widely known for it’s unique scent. It is one that some revere as perfume. However, it can also alert others of your activities. Some most people look for a means to hide the smell.


The classic approach is incense to purifying and deodorizing is incense. Nag Champa is the most commonly used and most effective. It often contains a combination of scents, including the Champa flower, sandalwood, honey, and vanilla. It is also a staple for yoga, and meditation purposes.


Patchouli Oil

Another method, coming from the days of hippies, is Patchouli oil. Made from the white and pink flowers of the Patchouli plant, it can be applied directly to the skin. The sweet lasting smell keeps away any odours. Smoke, dab a little behind your ears, and bask in the fragrance. The oil is also said to be an antidepressant.


If you don’t happen to have incense or patchouli oil on hand, you may have this household staple. Aerosols such as Febreeze target and eliminate odours. This makes them ideal for putting an end to the stench. Plus they leave the environment smelling clean and fresh.


Hawaiian Hotbox

Smoking with the shower on means that the smoke dissipates with the steam and is less noticeable. Turn the shower on as hot as it goes and get some steam brewing. Once you start smoking the smell willed be sucked in and filtered by your bathroom fan. This practice is often referred to as a hawaiian hotbox.


A trick many men have learned over the years can work too. Like you would a smelly bathroom light a match. Lighting a match and leaving a fan on is a surprisingly effective way of removing odors, though it does not work as quickly as other methods.


Last Resort: Popcorn

If all else fails, turn to your microwave. Pop some corn, but not to eat. You want that corn burnt. Nothing can prevail past the smell of burnt popcorn. It is sure to put a stop to the stench.