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Make Your Weed Last Longer with These Money Saving Tips

As marijuana becomes legal in more states, the price is slowly dropping. Prices are still too high for some to be able to effectively use the herb for medicinal purposes. The price for an ounce can range anywhere from 190 to 330, depending on the state that you live in. It is estimated that with the additional regular users that are getting on board with smoking pot through state legalization, it will be a few more years still until there is a lower stable price.

Thankfully, there are some simple solutions to make your weed last longer! Here are a couple of ways that you can make your dollar stretch until payday.


Practice Portion Control

1. Smoke solo when you’re low and make sure that you pace your puffs. It’s easy to smoke more than you should, or really more than you need to, without noticing because marijuana has a sedative effect. For some, this will mean that they continue to smoke out of habit, without watching the clock or being aware how much bud they are using.

2. Another suggestion is to portion weed for your daily use. Daily medicine caddies are cheap to pick up at your local drug store and work well for sectioning the correct amount of marijuana so that you can spread out what you smoke.


Use Your Resources

1. While we all have our preferred way to use marijuana, most of the time these are not the most efficient. Once you have figured out how to portion your pot, you’ll want to make the most of the leftovers as well. Every stoner knows that they can chew on stems or make a add some kief to a bowl of resin to help you make due between purchases. This works fine if you’re smoking recreationally, but for medicinal purposes this is clearly wasting a valuable commodity.

2. Get a grinder to process your nugs and save the kief for later. Kief contains THC and while it may not taste as good to you, it will work well for smoking laterthat can be smoked later or used in edibles.

3. Speaking of edibles, saving your stems and making them into butter for later can help your weed go a long way. Save them up so that you have enough to put into a killer recipe and try your hand at baking.