Yes, Joint Art Is A Thing And These Creations Are Absolutely Incredible (10 Pics)

You may know a traditional joint as being a simple and clean; allowing you to enjoy a nice cerebral high as you enjoy your favorite movie. On the flip side of the common stoner, a new breed of artistic stoners now exist. These guys have an imagination that most would be very jealous of. They are taking what it means to “roll a joint” to a whole new level.

Enjoy this collection of mind-blowing joint art compiled by Real Stoned Times.

#1 Dinosaur Joint

#2 Turtle Joint

#3 Grenade Joint

#4 Unicorn Joint

#5 Hotdog Joint

#6 Elephant Joint

#7 Owl Joint

#8 Stoner T-Rex Joint

#9 Multi-Armed God Joint

#10 Scorpion Joint