The Perfect Joint Filter That Will Impress Your Friends

The perfect joint filter will have you wishing you learned this years ago.

Yes, some people have gone their entire life never using a joint filter. If that’s you, this is what you’ve been missing out on! If you are used to rolling joints without a filter, you really should give this a try.



  • A filter will give your joint stability. It also gives something circular for your paper to wrap tightly around at the bottom of your joint. That means less crumbling when you puff puff pass.

 No More Drool 

  • It won’t be a slobbering mess at the end. Who can say no to that? There’s nothing worse than getting the ass end of a joint dripping with saliva. Trust me, you need a joint filter to avoid any more of this!


Better Air Flow

  • Have you ever had those blocked spots that make it hard to get that smoke through your joint? Join filters provide better airflow so you can enjoy a more consistent smoke session.

 More Weed 

  • So, how many roaches are you left with at the end of the day? If you incorporate a filter into your joint, you will be able to smoke it down to the very bottom! No more wasted weed or burnt fingertips!