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What Is Hash?

Hash is essentially what is created when we try to separate the aromatic oils from the marijuana buds themselves.

Buds are coated in THC rich crystals or oils called trichomes. These trichomes are what are responsible for marijuana’s unique smell as well as for how potent the weed use. Usually the sticker the buds, the stronger the weed!

Hash is what happens when the trichomes are removed from the plant material, and this can be done in a number of ways. What is left over is usually a sticky, gooey material or an extremely fine, powdery substance. Either way, it is the strongest part of the marijuana plant and only a very small amount is needed in order to get high.

Finger hash

This is probably the oldest and simplest way to make hash. It is made by continuously rubbing fresh buds between the palms of the hands. Over time, the oils and crystals accumulate on the palms of the hands and it can be scraped off. This happens often to people while they are trimming!

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is becoming more popular because it is natural, easy and comes up really strong if you’re using good weed. Bubble bags are bags with tiny micron filters at the bottom. By mixing ice, water and weed, the trichomes are separated from the buds and filtered through the microns. The hash is collected from the bottom of the micron filters.

BHO and other extracts

Oils are becoming more and more popular as our technology for extractions becomes more and more advanced. It is becoming more and more common to extract using solvents, which produces extremely strong hash but at the risk of ingesting chemical solvents. As technology advances we are producing powerful extracts, which although exciting, is a long way away from the finger hash of the old days!