Cannabis and Meditation Can Expand Your Consciousness

You don’t need to give up the herb if you want to be a yogi. In fact, we all know cannabis assists in relaxation, so by that logic it should assist you to the state of zen that you are trying to achieve through cannabis and meditation.

Meditation is an extremely effective way to achieve long lasting happiness in love, and there’s no reason why cannabis can’t assist on the journey. If you’re going to smoke cannabis before entering a meditation session, we’ve got some sturdy advice for you.


You should drink a glass of water before meditating, because cotton mouth can come as a complete distraction.


You do not want to be ingesting in the form of edibles. It can be hard to measure the dosage and it can take quite a long time to take effect.  For this reason, vaping or smoking is better. You are better able to judge when is enough and you will be high straight away. Which means it’s meditation time. The more experienced smoker who understands their limits can dabble with edibles. The cannabis is metabolized by the liver to produce 11-hydroxy-THC which can leave you with a fairly psychedelic meditation experience.

On that note, don’t smoke too much. For the purposes of cannabis and meditation as a combination, you should stay quite neutral with how much you use. For example, being extremely stoned can make it extremely difficult to sit up straight and focus, even for a few minutes. So, keep it light!


When the time arrives, light a piece of incense and find a pillow. Your senses are extra heightened after cannabis use, meaning you’ll be more sensitive to sounds and smells. Burn something that smells good and play some relaxing music. If you’re using a guided meditation, turn it on. Otherwise, you can use the meditation technique that you’ve been practicing.

How do I expand my consciousness?

The following info is for people who are open-minded because it taps into the world of metaphysics. But hey, experiencing is believing so give it a try.

For those who use cannabis for the purpose of delving deep into the subconscious, you’ll find this useful.

In 2,000-800 BCE, Hindu sacred text, Arthava-Veda, refereed to cannabis as “Sacred Grass” which was used medicinally and ritually. It was used as an offering to the Hindu god, Shiva.

If you’re a regular smoker – you should know that cannabis works on intention. Your experience is dictated by setting your intention prior to smoking or else your subconscious will choose your intent for you. Let’s say your intent is to ease pain, then cannabis will help you with that. If your intent is to enjoy a nice walk in the park, cannabis will also help you! When you decide your intent, you are taking a ritualistic approach while smoking cannabis.

Everyone knows that cannabis can heal our physical bodies; giving us the ability to heal our “energy bodies”. It can also expand your consciousness.

It is mentioned in Vedic Literature , 7,000 years ago, that chakras our energy portals that connect our physical and energy bodies. They run from the top of our heads to the bottom of our spine. When you’re high, you reach a higher vibrational frequency which causes your chakras to expand and allow more Qi (chi) energy  to flow easier. Higher vibrations allow us to connect with others easier while lower vibrations cause us to feel more withdrawn and give us feelings of paranoia.

Why is it important to reach high vibrational states using cannabis and meditation?

It allows us to develop better connectivity with the soul, nature, and an expanded higher consciousness (God).

So what method should I try?

The method listed at the beginning of this article should be sufficient to get you started. You may not be successful on the first attempt with cannabis and meditation, but it’s important to keep practicing. You’re essentially training your mind as if it is it’s own muscle. We recommend guided meditations if you are just starting out like Headspace

This will allow you to grow familiar with your ability to control awareness and focus it on expanding your chakras.

Expanding my chakras? This is crazy talk?

Maybe, but again. Experiencing is the only way to believe.

Like I mentioned, there are a variety of chakras that run from the top of your head to the base of your spine. The goal is to shift your focus to one of the chakra points and visualizing it expanding. The exercise itself is called “expansion”.

Start by getting comfortable, focusing on your breath, and close your eyes. Basic mediation techniques.

Then, once you’re in a calm meditative state, shift your awareness onto the feeling of your body high. Focus on the body high resonating and expanding throughout every party of your body. Then, sit back and enjoy your blissful moment of expanded consciousness.


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