Are Cannabis Nasal Sprays The Future of Getting High?

  • Cannabis nasal sprays are a safe and effective way to streamline THC into your system.
  • There are claims that using a nasal spray will allow for an increased bioavailability of cannabinoids.
  • Due to a number of individual factors varying from person to person – it may be hard to gauge the potency of these cannabis nasal sprays. Start slow and learn how they affect you.

The cannabis industry is booming with new innovative ways to give yourself a dose of THC. You have edibles, topicals, liquid drops, and now? Cannabis nasal sprays.


Welcome to the Future

If you’re worried about the negative effects of using a nasal spray to get your dose of THC, don’t worry. Dr. David Casarett, the chief of palliative care at Duke University, says it’s actually safer than smoking!

“Transmucosal delivery of cannabinoids by nasal spray is very different than smoking; it is safer and does not contain pyrolytic products (caused by heating( of a variety of compounds present in raw plant material”

There have been plenty of homemade cannabis nasal sprays in circulation, but there’s finally a brand stepping forward as the leaders.

The Verra Wellness Nasal Mist comes in a variety of THC to CBD ratios (10:1, 1:1, and 1:100). They claim that their spray allows for an increase in bioavailability. This means that a larger amount of cannabinoids will be utilized when entering through the nose.

Casarett says that it is a different way to get high because the cannabinoids are directly entering your system versus smoking or ingesting edibles where the cannabinoids have to first travel through your metabolism.

The co-founder of Verra Wellness Paul Johnson states,

“We have developed formulations with good solubility properties, particle sizes, and sufficient purity to avoid subjecting delicate lung tissue to pharmacological action of cannabinoid formulations and typical impurities. We have worked with accredited labs to test our formulations for optimal delivery of cannabinoids.”

But because the conditions of everyone’s noses will vary, so will the effects of a cannabis nasal spray. A cold or allergies may affect absorption of the cannabinoids meaning it is hard to predict how much you need to spray in your nose. In comparison to edibles, where a standard dose is roughly 10mg of THC.

Casarett states that the there are a lot of enzymes inside of the nose that may cause THC to not metabolize correctly. We could not find any studies backing this claim, so take it with a grain of salt.


Nonetheless – cannabis nasal sprays are just a part of the innovation that comes along with a evolving industry. If there is a new way to get THC into the body, there will be a brand to create a product around it.

The nasal sprays are much healthier than smoking combusted plant material and it allows you to get high in public without the attention that using a pipe draws to you.