Marijuana Is The Best Relief For Period Pain

Did you know that once upon a time, the most common reason a pharmacist would prescribe cannabis was for menstrual cramps.

When the USA was well known for using cannabis as medicine, women around the USA were using cannabis oil to treat their cramps. Until now, it is considered an effective medicine for women who experience bad period pain.

Pain Relieving Factors

It is well known that there are medicinal benefits when ingesting THC. These include anti-inflammation, relaxation of the muscles and pain relief. There are also other cannabinoids and terpenoids such as CBD that contribute to these medicinal impacts. For women with period pain, these are just the kind of relieving factors that they might be looking for.

Cannabis tampons

We know that smoking weed can be a great pain relief for women. But there are products coming out on the market that involve using CBD infused suppositories. A company called Foria markets a CBD tampon designed specifically for women who go through intense period pain.

However, this doesn’t mean that you actually get high from using a weed tampon. It is designed to relax the muscles of the vagina and the uterus, and to encourage flow. It is completely topical, and doesn’t at all give the user a stoned effect. In fact, these tampons are completely organic in their make up and are even smaller than regular tampons.

The reason that cannabis is a great medicine for menstrual pain is the exact same reason it’s a great treatment for other kinds of pain, too. We continue to learn about the extremely beneficial effects of marijuana for chronic pain. And there is no reason it isn’t the same for that time of the month.

Modern medicine is definitely taking advantage of the fact that there is a natural, drug free way to treat period pain. It makes sense, too, because it has always been one of the most effective ways to treat menstrual cramps.