Afghani is a globally recognized pure indica strain, with spots of dark purple and trichomes so thick it looks like it’s frosted. It doesn’t have a fancy smell rather it smells more earthy with hints of spice and citrus.

Afghani is actually the base of many famous strains including: AK-47, Northern Lights #5, and even Obama OG. Being that it is a premium indica landrace strain, its effects rival all others. The user can expect it to give them a long body high that will lock them to their couches for a marathon of Game of Thrones.

Afghani is recommended for insomnia because of its ability to relax your body. Keeping that in mind, you should use it as your nighttime treat, rather than an all day go to. When you do use Afghani remember to think about the lineage of marijuana, while you experience the  smooth exotic flavors that pack a punch. If you get the opportunity to try Afghani, do not pass it up!

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