Blueberry is considered to be one of the topnotch strains in the cannabis world, with its legendary status. It won the Cannabis Cup award in 2000. Its history can be traced back to the 70’s, when DJ Short was experimenting with Landrace strains.

As its name suggests, you can clearly taste the blueberries on the exhale. There are subtle notes of sweet berries as well. Just like any other top quality strain, Blueberry also offers a long-lasting high, making you go into a complete euphoric state.

It is widely used for patients as well, as it can fight against all kinds of body pains and kill the highest levels of stress.

It’s an all-time favorite for many consumers thanks to its high THC level and colorful hues. It is highly recommended that you hit your Blueberry joint dry before lighting it to get that absolutely amazing taste.

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