This absolutely pure Indica strain came out of Oakland, California. It’s a cross between Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush.

When you smoke Purple Kush, you instantly get an earthy aroma and sweetness that is very common in the Kush varieties. According to a lot of consumers, the high is blissful and will send you into a long-lasting, dreamy, and relaxing euphoria.

The high provides an amazing physical relaxation to the body that takes your mind off of the pain and all the nonsense going on around. It will end the insomnia as well, although you won’t really want to sleep right away, but you’ll feel mellowed out.

Purple Kush has an amazing blend of flavors that start off tasting earthy, then it slowly evolves into a berry and grape blend on the exhale.

The flowers grow wider instead of growing taller and are ready to harvest after almost 2 months of flowering process.

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