Can Cannabis Relieve the Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? There is Hope!

Can you imagine a condition in which you experience unrelenting physical and mental fatigue and no matter how much rest you get you feel as though you haven’t rested at all? This is what daily life is like for those who suffer from Myalgic Encephalopathy (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Not only can this disease cause sleep abnormalities, it can also cause mental and physical pain that get worse with physical exertion.

Nearly 1 million people in the U.S. suffer from ME, yet it’s not fully understood. Not even the cause for the condition is fully known. This can cause patients to feel unhopeful. Even the common treatment of antidepressants doesn’t fully help relieve the symptoms of ME.

Though ME is lacking in research, there are numerous existing patients residing in the U.S. who experience relief from symptoms due to cannabis use. The use of cannabis typically will relieve the symptoms of depression, emotional imbalance, muscle and joint pain, unrefreshing sleep, and even the most common symptom of fatigue.

Many people report that Sativa-dominant strains are more refreshing than Indica-dominant strains. This may be due to the fact that ME patients have trouble regulating energy and these strains can cause people to feel uplifted, energized, and focused. Sativa-dominant strains are even known to fight depression which is a major symptom of ME.

While ME is lacking in research, the research of cannabis use for ME is lacking even more. With the number of patients residing in the U.S. suffering from ME, it’s shocking how little research is being done not only on the condition itself but even treatments such as the use of cannabis.

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