Can Smoking Cannabis Help to Lose Weight?

There are many stereotypes that come to mind when you imagine a cannabis smoker- hippies with greasy long hair, good-for-nothing bums, and tie dye shirts. While this does fit a number of us stoners, it doesn’t encompass us all. Another fan favorite is the stereotype surrounding the “munchies.” It is assumed that after every joint we smoke we soon consume every food item contained in our fridge in less than five minutes.


While a number of cannabis users do turn to the drug as an “appetite enhancer” of sorts, there are people that use cannabis for just the opposite. In fact, the book titled, “The Marijuana Diet” by Art Glass teach you just how to use marijuana to lose weight. In understanding the diet, we first must take a look at how our body uses energy. Insulin, which is produced primarily by the pancreas, is the vessel through which glucose (sugar) can pass through cell walls to be converted into energy. If insulin production is high, too much glucose will be absorbed resulting in fatigue, whereas low insulin production can cause damage to arteries as glucose builds up.


Cannabis use seems to regulate the process by promoting glucose absorption, increasing levels of “good cholesterol” and improving one’s overall metabolic functioning, though it is uncertain how exactly this happens. However, the key to making this diet work is to use marijuana in moderation to not eat while high and of course, exercise. In the case you do experience the munchies, eating healthy foods will satisfy your cravings in a much better fashion as compared to eating fatty, processed foods, and adding in the minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day, you’ll start shedding those unwanted pounds in no time. In addition to following these tips and methods, some strains of cannabis, especially landrace strains from South and East Africa, have actually been shown to suppress appetite. Weight loss will always be a never-ending battle. Even though it starts out easily enough, continuing to make that climb to new heights your body will naturally fight against you. Though incorporating cannabis into your weight loss plan might help you accomplish a healthier insulin level, it is still no replacement for a good diet and regular exercise.