Cannabis Cigarettes Are Now Being Sold Legally

Geneva, Switzerland is now home to the first cannabis cigarettes. This is all thanks to the small Swiss tobacco company, Heimat.

cannabis cigarettes

Switzerland’s law allows cannabis, but only if the THC content less than 1%. Anything more than 1% is punishable for up to three years in prison. This cannabis cigarette’s THC content is well below 1% but contains upwards to 20% CBD. Just enough to ease your pain, anxiety, and leaving you feeling very mellow and relaxed.

Since 2017, legal cannabis, with 0.1% THC, can be found in nearly every tobacco store.

Now, Switzerland’s largest supermarket chain, Coop, has launched the Heimat cannabis cigarette in over 700 stores nationwide. According to its Swiss manufactures, Koch & Gsell:

“[This is the] first and only cigarette containing cannabis that is sold in a regular supermarket”

Coop is very confident in the potential success of this product, stating:

“We already offer hemp products such as hemp tea, hemp blossom beer, hemp seed oil, or bio hemp spreads to our customers. Hemp products are in high demand and are in the trend”

Anyone over the age of 18 is able to buy Heimat cannabis cigarettes or order them online.

There is a huge demand for this product. Koch said that they had time keeping up with all of the pre-orders. This was only because there wasn’t very much legal cannabis available in Switzerland to begin with, but overall are seeing a great deal of success.

Just to note, the manufacturer of these cannabis cigarettes warns against traveling abroad with this product, stating:

“The cigarettes should not be taken abroad, as this may result in prosecution due to the differences in the permissible THC limits in other countries.”

There are 50 countries in Europe, each with a varying degree of regulation on cannabis. So, it may be the best option to keep your cannabis cigarettes in Switzerland. You definitely do not want to face foreign persecution.

A lot of anti-drug activists are not too happy.

Andrea Geissbühler, President of the Association of Drug Abuse in Switzerland, stated:

“Currently there is no study on the effects of CBD and I find that problematic. It’s easy to buy. This is a threat to young people.”

Which is strange because there have been a TON of studies showing that CBD is great for relieving anxiety, inflammation, pain, along with many other health benefits. Although they contain tobacco, there should be no fear around CBD being a dangerous substance. Go ahead and take a look at the research for yourself.

These cannabis cigarettes are not going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, it will only grow in popularity. One user, Natalia Ferrera, stated:

“I liked the last, smell and feeling it gave me, and will tell my friends to try it too.”