Crazy Landlord Burns Tenants Medical Marijuana

A landlord was not too happy with his tenant growing medical marijuana for his patients so he took the matter into his own hands.. by burning it.

The tenant of a house was growing potentially $10,000 in marijuana for his patients with full legal documentation and his landlord decided to rip each plant out of the ground and burn it.

The tenant was legally allowed to grow medicinal cannabis and had full documentation pinned to his grow area. The landlord says in the video:

“You never showed it to me. You threatened me and you didn’t pay the rent. I called the police and they told me to tear it out”

The tenant states in the video:

“He is destroying my property AND my patients property. I have medical documentation. Medical documentation was posted on the [marijuana] garden”

The tenant and the landlord go back and forth. The tenant says:

“You just destroyed my patients medicine!”

In which the landlord responds:

“No it isn’t. You’re a drug dealer!”

Even if you disagree with cannabis, you should not take matters in your own hand and destroy the property of another person. Along with destroying someone’s property – you are also destroying the medicine of patients who are in need!

Watch the video below and let us know what your thoughts are