Get Paid In Medical-Grade Cannabis For Being A Stoner

Yes you read the title right.. FREE medical-grade cannabis for being a stoner.

This gig will not only get you a monthly supply of bud, but it will also be helping better the understanding of how cannabis helps us be the awesome people that we are. SCIENCE!

The Berlin Research Initiative on Cannabis Consumption in Germany is currently seeking a government “go-ahead” to study recreational cannabis users. 25,000 of them to be exact. This study will aim at trying to see and understand the drug’s effects after several years of consistent use.

“In Germany several million people regularly get high on cannabis,” wrote lawyer and chief executive of the project Dr. Marko Dörre  in a statement released after the plans were submitted, according to Der Tagesspiegel.

Now recreational cannabis isn’t 100% legal in Germany yet, but medical use just passed this January. This legality hasn’t stopped the applications from pouring in. I’m sure this is partly to do with the grand prize of *drum roll* 30 grams of pharmaceutical cannabis per month if selected.

In a recent study it was shown that cannabis is the most widely used illegal substance in Germany. There are 7.3 percent of teens and 6.1 percent of adults saying that they had smoked it at least once in 2015.

At the moment it’s not certain if they will be accepting foreign candidates yet. Although, considering there have only been around 2,000 Berlin citizens that have applied so far, you might stand a fair chance. The only other restrictions so far are that you must be over 18, can’t be a first-time consumer *duh* and can not have a high-risk for addiction or psychiatric issues.

Here’s the site to apply, you may need to translate it from German though:

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