The Next States That Could Potentially Legalize Marijuana

2016 was a huge year for marijuana medically and commercially. California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine all legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Florida, Arkansas, North Dakota, and Montana all legalized medical use of marijuana. Over 25 states now, including Washington D.C, now have some form of legal pot for public consumption. The states that legalize marijuana in some way seem to be growing by the year and there is speculation abound about which states might be next. Articles done by AlterNet and The Motley Fool, have complied lists forecasting potential future legalized states. You can find the predictions below:

States that could legalize marijuana


State Question 788 failed to reach the November ballot for citizens to vote on the legalization of medical marijuana. Though it seems many residents support the measure, with 67,700 signatures being tallied in support of the measure, the bill’s weird wording seems to be leaving people confused as to what is actually being considered on the ballot. With people supporting the legalization of medical marijuana, its existence on the ballot seems to be around the corner.


Connecticut has had marijuana decriminalized and available for medical use since 2011. With the new victory of marijuana this year, the state is looking to reexamine its legal stance in the future.


Texas is a very conservative state usually following conservative traditions of being tough on marijuana use. This year, however, Texas signed into law Senate Bill 339 which allows patients with severe epilepsy access to CBD. This stance can bring into effect medical marijuana down the line which would be beneficial to millions of Texan residents.

New Mexico

With most of the west coast states falling on line with one another and legalizing recreational marijuana, New Mexico can be next. Now with a democratically controlled state legislature, the push for legalization will be strong in the next year with its push already ongoing for 2 years now. 

Rhode Island

Like Connecticut, Rhode Island has long had marijuana medically and decriminalized. With most of the East Coast starting to legalize recreationally, Rhode Island may soon follow suit.


The state almost had a victory in legalization this year but the bill, S. 241, did not pass in the House. Still, marijuana legalization in Vermont looks very imminent as lawmakers are gearing up for a 2017 campaign.