THC and CBD – The Cure for PMS?

No one wants to talk about PMS, but it’s worth the conversation if you’re looking to find yet another way that the human body can benefit from smoking marijuana. So let’s talk about that time of the month, shark week if you will. No matter what you call it, it’s no fun being a lady but at least it’s being shown that weed can help.

Marijuana helps women in a number of ways. All of those medical benefits that are commonly treated with smoking or edibles including digestion upset, pain and anxiety are all present when Aunt Flo shows up. Of course, certain strains are going to be better than others but a hybrid comprised of 75% indica and 25% sativa are highly recommended. 

Beyond traditional methods of taking marijuana, there is an even more direct method of calming those cramps – marijuana tampons. 

Foria, one of the more popular brands, has created a product that works basically like a tampon suppository, and provides relief for cramps straight to the source. They contain THC oil and CBD infused with cocoa butter. These are only available in California and Colorado currently but are expected to expand sales to other states that have passed laws for medical and personal marijuana use.

Now, you aren’t going to get high with these suppositories, but the benefits are said to be able to be felt within 20 minutes of using the suppository. A number of recent product reviews by trusted sources such as, Dope Magazine and Cosmopolitan have come back with repeat positive references saying that this a powerful PMS alternative. Women have reported decreased bleeding and pain after use as well. Before you try for yourself, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions it’s always best to check your doctor. However, with all of they hype it’s definitely worth consideration to try them to see if they will work for you.