The Stoners Survival Guide: How to Get Through Being “Too High.”

Hey, Friends! Any seasoned stoner can recall a time when the marijuana was just too loud. For me, the steamroller manages to boot me in the teeth every time. You know what I mean, you take that hit and think “Fuck, that hit was one too many.” Earth’s gravity seems to multiply, your cat is staring at you condescendingly, and you’re just not having it. This isn’t a dangerous, life-threatening condition; maybe you hate too many edibles, tried a strain your friend grew in his closet, or you just smoked too much. It happens.

Today, I’ll give you a few tips to survive the overwhelming unpleasantness that has you swearing you’ll never smoke again.

Know Your Limit!!

I’m going to share some wisdom my Yogi girlfriend always tells me, practice self-awareness! Know your limits! If you know, you can smoke half a bowl from your one hitter, or half a blunt, practice self-awareness, stay in the now.

Hydrate Those Cells

In the wise words of Nahko, “Balance my chemistry, hydrate these cells” Saying hydrated with high-quality H2O will prevent dry mouth and help you focus on the menial task of slowly sipping. I’ve found sipping a glass of water helps keep me centered when I feel a little overwhelmed. 

Distract Yourself

When your head is stuck in the psychotropic state of the THC cosmos, it’s great just to get lost in doing something you enjoy. If you like to watch Rugrats on Hulu, clean your kitchen or any other thing you might enjoy doing! Just settle in and get lost in the beauty of the small stuff.

Getting too high can be a very overwhelming experience, to say the least. Most people I know view it as a bad, scary thing. I view it is an adventure! Take the ride, enjoy the cosmos, and discover your natural ways to come back to reality. Stay classy friends!