Women and Weed: Three Reasons That You Should Smoke More Marijuana if You’re a Lady

Smoking pot is a popular trend, especially as people begin to not only realize but socially accept the medicinal benefits of the drug. For years it has been a men’s arena, with popular stoners usually being depicted as male. With this, it is no surprise that women have been majorly misrepresented in many marijuana circles, including scientific research.

It is interesting, with many of the main medical marijuana uses being directly linked to women’s issues as a possible positive that could turn their health around, decrease pain and help to control mental illness. This isn’t to say that men can’t find a cure for their ailments with cannabis, but it does go to show that ladies have been left out and that more of them should be taking marijuana seriously. Here are just three of the main positives for female smoking, showing how medicinal marijuana can be useful for women’s issues.


Calms PMS

Cramps suck and just about every woman on the planet knows this. However, there have still been limited studies on how marijuana can make them suck less. Two studies did report that THC (Tetrahydrocannibol) is excellent for alleviating some of the most common PMS symptoms including bloating, migraines and nausea. It’s widely known to be used for pain and many female smokers report reduced cramps within 20 minutes of smoking.


Reduces Symptoms of Anxiety

While everyone feels anxious from time to time, according to the Association of Anxiety and Depression in America, ladies are twice as likely to have acute anxiety symptoms. Vanderbilt University reported that smoking marijuana helps to reduce symptoms that are common with anxiety due to receptors that are present in the amygdala (the part of the brain that is helps to regulate our reaction times and how we process emotions).


Improves the O

Simply put, sex is better when you’re stoned. It doesn’t even take much, as studies have reported small amounts of the drug are necessary to reduce inhibitions and produce a relaxing effect. For the women this means that smoking before sexy time can result in a stronger and more powerful orgasm.

Light Up Ladies!
It’s been estimated that the reason that there is less research done on women and marijuana is because ladies have never been much of smokers. Is it any wonder though? Women who smoke have gotten a bad rap for a long time. Additionally, stoner culture usually shows women who smoke as daffy or uneducated, and certainly not sexy. It is only since the late 90s that it has been becoming more socially acceptable to smoke. That being said, the more women smoke and the more invested they are in finding out what weed can do from them, the more likely the scientific community is going to get involved. Now is the time to be open about your smoking (in states where it is legal). Getting active in the movement, signing up for clinical trials so more studies can be done on women specific health issues and being open with your own medical community are the best ways to shed light on these important issues.