If you’re looking for strain that can put you in a great mood at the very start of your day, Amnesia Haze will be perfect for you.

It has amazing earthy flavors that goes from lemon to citrus. This strain is widely used because of its blissful and uplifting effects. It is guaranteed to give you a high that will have you come back for again and again.

The genetics of this strain can be traced back to the Jamaican Landrace and South Asian strains. Amnesia Haze has won two awards; the Cannabis Cup back in ‘04 and the Sativa Cup in ‘12. It is one of the most popular strains available, and can be found in almost every café in Amsterdam.

Amnesia Haze is a very nice strain to smoke, and it’s quite smooth; no coughing at all. The high can be intensive, yet it can give you mellow cerebral effects. It is certainly a social smoke.

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