Maui Wowie is one of the classics out there. It is a Sativa strain that has a high that will absolutely kill all the stress you’ve been having. It will take you to such a powerful euphoric state, that you’ll actually feel like you’re at the shores of Hawaii. Why Hawaii? That’s because Hawaii is the birthplace of Maui Wowie.

Since the very beginning, this strain has been popular across the world. Coming from the volcanic island, this strain came to bless everyone with its amazing flavor, aroma, and high.

It has an amazing blend of tropical, sweet, and pineapple flavor on the exhale. Its light Sativa effects can transform you from having a dull mind, to an extremely creative one. You will want to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the sun, thanks to this strain’s active and uplifting effects.  

Maui Wowie best grows in warm and tropical climates similar to that of Hawaii.

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