Chocolope was developed by the DNA Genetics when they experiment Cannalope Haze with Chocolate Thai. It resulted in a very successful and a very good cross named, Chocolope.

This was done to pay a tribute to the excellent chocolate strains from the 80’s period. This strain is well-known for its amazing flavor. I mean, who doesn’t love a mix of chocolate and coffee? This heavy Sativa strain gives a sweet coffee and chocolatey flavor with the same chocolatey aroma as well.

The effects are pretty Sativa based effects. According to a lot of consumers, the high gives a pretty potent euphoric buzz that is absolutely perfect to deal with stress, fatigue, and depression.

You will have to wait for almost 9 weeks for this strain to fully flower, but the result is going to be amazing and worth it. Its yield is also pretty good, as it averages a 251-500 g/m2.

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