The Strawberry Cough is pretty popular for its aroma of freshly plucked strawberries. As the name suggests, it is one of the strongest strains available. It can make almost every smoker, no matter how experienced he or she is, cough after the exhale.

Strawberry Cough is a powerful Sativa blend with origins that are still mysterious. Although, when you smoke this strain, you won’t really care much about its parent strains, because the high will uplift you and bring you to a state of dream land. The high provides such an amazing euphoria, that it is almost guaranteed to make you smile.

Mostly people use Strawberry Cough to tackle social anxieties and to help one remain calm and content. It’s pretty good for killing stress as well. You may feel a little dizzy and have a dry mouth, but it will be totally be worth it in the end.

People even smoke this strain just because of its absolutely amazing strawberry flavor.

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