Congolese comes from the second largest country in Africa, the Congo. It adapted to the climates of central Africa and produced a colorful bud that is simply stunning.

When looking at this strain it is clear that it is a sativa, the buds are tall and airy with thick sheets of trichomes covering every crevice. Smoking this African landrace brings out the spicy nut flavor that reminds you of the earth. You will appreciate the taste when the euphoric effects start to kick in.

Congolese is a powerful sativa that provides a clear and focused head high while still letting you enjoy the experience. Common medical uses are nausea and stress relief. Recreationally Congolese can be used as a pick me up or when you have work that needs to be done. No matter the situation,

Congolese Sativa is a wonderful strain, but it also played an import role in the making of a powerful landrace hybrid, Red Congo.

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