THC Crystals 99% Purity, Are You Brave Enough To Try It?

weed thca crystalline side by side

SCIENCE! They’ve done it again.

Some of the most brilliant minds have perfected the unique processes that isolates the pure THC present in fresh cannabis and extracts it into a pure crystalline form. It is currently around $200 a gram, so go ahead and break open that piggy bank, because it’s time to celebrate this great cannabis innovation!

“But woah! That looks like meth!”

Well, so does anything that is present in a crystalline form, like sugar, and nobody you know is trying to smoke sugar on a daily basis. The term crystal is used to describe the structure of particles in matter. Read about Crystal Structures if you’re still skeptical about THC crystals.

These crystals are approximately 99.997% pure THC and hold a unique value in those seeking to consume it for medicinal purposes. It also allows the user to consume a more accurate dosage if they are smoking it or eating an edible. Add a bit of terpenes and you’ll be on your way to a new type of high.

What is Pure THC-A Crystalline?

pure thc-a crystals

THC-A Crystalline – the cannabinoid found in pre-decarboxylated cannabis – is the result of a complex extraction process. The finished product comes in a fine, white powder or crystal chunks. It tests at an insane 99.997% THC-A. Typical cannabis extractions such as BHO, rosin, and ice hash will test anywhere from 50-80%. Science has stepped up their game!

Criticism surrounding pure THC-A crystalline is high because it resembles something similar to meth. It’s criticism surrounded in a lack of education. You can easily say that salt and sugar resemble meth to some extent because those also have a crystalline structure. These crystal structures are just a part of nature. Pure THC-A crystals also hold this same structure, common in nature, while providing you with the direct health benefits of THC when heated and smoked.

The cannabis plant has a large number of other cannabinoids and terpenes that work synergistically with each other to provide you with different health benefits. Pure THC-A is only that. THC-A. You’re not getting the benefits of THC-A because you don’t end up absorbing that cannabinoid when smoked. It is then converted into THC when it is heated, so you are getting the benefits of that. THC is known to assist in pain relief, increase your appetite, reduces vomiting and nausea, and suppressing muscle spasms.

How is it made?

weed CO2 extraction process

You can extract THC to it’s purest form by a couple extraction methods. CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction is one of the common methods used. There’s a ton of complicated science behind it, but essentially you are using a CO2 extraction machine to freeze and compress CO2 gas. Then you raise the heat and let the gas pull out the essential trichomes and terpenes you need.

You then take that final product, add in a bunch more complex science, and filter the THC out. But really all you need to know is that this is possible and you can smoke pure THC

It is also important to note that it does not matter what strain you are extracting. You will still end up with the same THC regardless if you were extracting the cannabis strain Chemdawg or the cannabis strain Cherry Pie.

How do you smoke it?

dabbing thc-a

You can easily smoke pure THC-A crystals if you have a glass rig that you can heat up. The idea is to heat up the crystals so that it is converted into THC, allowing a part of your endocannabinoid system to receive it and give you the high feeling.

The purity of these crystals can also lead to more accurate dosing when you decide to smoke it. This is because there are a lot of inconsistencies in potency when making other types of hash due to the different processes of each company.

Pure THC crystals in edibles would also lead to more accurate dosing because you are able to decarboxylate the purest form of the cannabinoid and add it with confidence to your preferred product.

What does the high feel like?

Kindland reports their first experience smoking pure THC-A crystalline. Overall, they had a very chill experience. They stated that there was a flavorful terpene profile along with a very smooth hit. Nobody felt anxious about the rest of their day. The resident of the research site remembered to brush his teeth. Everyone wanted a super chill breakfast. Not your traditional stoned high that you might be used to when smoking flower.

Yes, the weed crystals do slightly resemble meth, but you can not be fearful. Your normal weed flower usually tests at around 20% THC, but this tests and nearly 100%. Scary, huh? But what’s the only thing to fear? Deciding what munchies you’ll want to eat as you’re couch-locked in a cerebral bliss. This is science at it’s finest. We live in an amazing era, so we might as well benefit from all of the cannabis innovations.