Why You Should Be Smoking High CBD Strains

A lot of smokers are hesitant to go down the road of smoking high CBD weed, because they want to get their most out of their favorite cannabinoid, THC.

It’s understandable because we have been trained to think that THC is what makes you high. Although there is some truth to that, there is nothing to say that CBD doesn’t give you a high of its own.

The truth is that smoking high CBD weed is a completely unique experience in itself, as well as coming with immense health benefits. You can use high CBD strains in your every day life even just to enhance the experience you already have with marijuana.

The effects of CBD

CBD is well known to relax the person and induce a feeling of euphoria or happiness. It also has health benefits, such as being an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-nausea medication.

For those who are wanting to experiment with the CBD experience, there is definitely something to be gained. Although you might not feel overwhelmingly stoned like when you smoke a high THC strain, you can still experience a deep sense of relaxation. This doesn’t come with the kind of heaviness or laziness associated with being stoned either. That relaxation can easily be translated into creative thoughts or the energy to get some work done in a relaxed state of mind.

High CBD strains to explore

According to cannabis users, some of the best high CBD strains to dive into are:

  • Sweet and Sour Widow
  • Harlequin (probably the most popular one on the market)
  • Catatonic
  • Canna-tsu

Next time you’re wondering what kind of weed you should buy at the dispensary, consider trying out a high CBD strain. You could be pleasantly surprised by the experience it gives you and how unique it is by comparison!