BREAKING NEWS: You Can’t Die From a Cannabis Overdose

Have you ever wondered why there seems to be a fatal limit to push with every other drug. but when it comes to cannabis there is none?

There has never been a single recorded death from cannabis use, and it seems virtually impossible for the human body to overdose on THC.

Over-consuming is definitely a concept we can all relate to in the sense of greening out. You can definitely have too much and ruin your experience, but it is quite mysterious the cannabis itself cannot kill a person.

Why can’t you overdose on cannabis?

The fundamental point that scientists point out as the cause of death in opioid overdoses is respiratory failure. That means that when the person falls unconscious, the body forgets to breathe and the person dies of an overdose as a result.

In the case of alcohol, the function of the body that becomes depressed is the liver’s ability to clear the blood. As a result the blood becomes poisoned, and the heart and circulatory system fail as a result.

When it comes to cannabis, the parts of the brain that are affected usually have to do with cognition, and so no physical processes are heavily affected. That is not to say that cannabis does not have physical effects (because we know it does). It just means that the effects are never so severe that a physical system is forced to shut down as a results of overdose. Because of the way that cannabis interacts with the human body, it is virtually impossible to die of an overdose.

That doesn’t mean we are encouraging you to over do it! You can definitely ruin a cannabis experience and cause a complete aversion to it by pushing the limits.

Remember to enjoy responsibly!