CBD Oil Seized from Alaska Dispensaries

On February 9th, the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office enforcement in Alaska seized thousands of dollars worth of CBD oils from dispensaries that had imported the product from out of state.

According to officials, the oils were seized because they were not properly labeled and packaged in accordance with Alaska regulation, which brought up the question of whether or not the oils were what they claimed to be.

A statement was released saying that the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office was tipped off by the U.S. Post Office about leaking packages which turned out to contain over 1,000 vials of CBD oil, twenty of which were not labeled.

The unmarked product brought up concerns around selling products to the public without knowing exactly what they were or what they contained.

Many dispensary owners claimed to be unaware that CBD fell under the same regulations as THC marijuana products because they believed they were classified as hemp products due to the lack of psychoactive ingredients. Two other dispensary owners admitted they knew the product was illegal, yet they sold it regardless.

AMCO’s legal counsel, Harriet Milks, stated that they needed to determine exactly what the seized products were before they could determine whether they fall under Alaska’s marijuana regulations or not.